Higgin’ partical ‘The god partical’ 13.5 Billion years.

“Around the world, scientists working in Geneva, Switzerland grabbed headlines in July, 2012 with the announcement of a new discovery about the origin of the universe. Bold headlines shouted the news: Higgs quest finds what looks like ‘God particle’.

The excitement concerned their announcement of the discovery of a new subatomic particle. It is sometimes called the “God particle” because its existence is fundamental to the creation of the universe.

Thousands of international scientists have been cooperating since the 1960s when physicist Peter Higgs of Edinburgh University in Scotland put forward his theory. At that point, there was agreement that the Big Bang had occurred, but until this discovery, weren’t sure why or how. This discovery will enable–what else? –further research into the mysteries of the universe.” -Rock of Ages (Carolyn Pogue)


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