Mark Brown is the Messenger for the Oldest Known Rock.

Watch the video! Mark Brown becomes the messenger for the Oldest Known thing on the planet, The Acasta River Gneiss. As he works towards educating people about the importance of this rock he meets like minded people along the way who share his enthusiasm.

Rock of Ages featured on the Dragons’ Den 2012

Yellowknife native and self-made prospector, Mark Brown was featured on the Dragon’s Den in 2012 to pitch the Rock of Ages.  

Letter from Buckingham Palace

Welcome to Yellowknife, Mars

On August 5th, 2012, NASA’s Mars Rover named Curiosity touched down on the Red Planet and it was decided to name the landing spot Yellowknife after the northern town’s relationship with the Acasta Gneiss also known as the Rock of Ages. The Acasta Gniess has been dated using U-Pb isotopes which revealed an approximate maximum […]

Higgin’ partical ‘The god partical’ 13.5 Billion years.

“Around the world, scientists working in Geneva, Switzerland grabbed headlines in July, 2012 with the announcement of a new discovery about the origin of the universe. Bold headlines shouted the news: Higgs quest finds what looks like ‘God particle’. The excitement concerned their announcement of the discovery of a new subatomic particle. It is sometimes […]